Self-regulating heating cables               

WebHeat SR self-regulating heating cables are suitable for many applications in residential construction, utility, renovation and industry.

The WebHeat SR cables can be cut to any desired length, making them suitable for fitting every application. With the help of special connections, the heating cable is connected to supply cables and matching thermostats.


WebHeat SR can be used, among other things, to keep water pipes and drain pipes free of frost, to keep (grease) pipes on temperature, and so on. Using calculation software we can make a thermal heat loss calculation and select the most efficient heating cable depending on the chosen insulation.

To reduce energy consumption, WebHeat recommends using WebHeat thermostats in combination with self-regulating heating cables.

Working principle

Self-regulating heating cables consist of two parallel wires that are embedded in a heating element with surrounding carbon particles. If the temperature rises during operation, the carbon parts will take a different form, as a result of which the resistance is increased and the heating output decreases. When it cools down, this process is reversed and the heating output rises.
 Self-regulating with variable heat output
• High chemical resistance
• Can be cut to any desired length
• UV-resistant and moisture-resistant
Specialized applications in explosion-proof environments require customization in your calculation.
Ask for the possibilities, we are happy to make an estimate suitable for your situation.

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