Infrared heating


Heating panels use the principle of radiant heat (so-called infrared heating). The unique heating surface and the uniform distribution of temperatures across the surface of the panel ensure an optimal distribution of heat energy in the form of heat radiation.
WebHeat offers a complete range of electric heating panels. These are suitable for use where comfortable temperatures are required. The heating panels can also be used for economic heating in an environment where standard conventional heating elements are less suitable, or in combination with additional heating, such as the WebHeat Floor electric floor heating. 
Heat comfort characteristics
Radiant panels are intended for the heating of offices, shops and apartments. In addition, they can also be used for local warming of, for example, office workstations, cash registers, receptions and so on. There are different models available; there is a suitable heat panel for every room and application. The panels can be mounted in various ways, for example on the wall, the ceiling or in a system ceiling.
WebHeat offers four different programs in infrared heating panels:
  • WebHeat Panel budget  
  • WebHeat Panel standard  
  • WebHeat Panel Glass 
  • WebHeat Panel High power 

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