Flexible silicone zone heating cable, can be cut to length on site

WebHeat Door Flex is s a highly flexible zone heating cable which can be cut to size and finished. Because the WebHeat Door Flex is a twin cable, power connections can be made on one side.

This makes WebHeat Door Flex especially suitable for use in industrial and commercial refrigeration (anti-condensation for refrigerated display cabinets, doors for cold rooms).

Constant power cables are manufactured by a thin heating wire, which is wrapped around an insulted core of power wires. By making a small indentation every 50 cm, heated sections of 50 cm created. Subsequently, the cable is provided with a watertight sheath of silicone rubber.

The cable is easy to cut to length and finished with the supplied connection sets. This allows you flexibility, which is benefitial in situations where pre-surveying is difficult. It is also possible to have the heating cable manufactured and connected by WebHeat, demand for the options.