WebHeat, specialist in heat tracing and electric heating techniques.
WebHeat is a leading supplier of electric heating and offers solutions for utility buildings, industry and residential construction.

WebHeat works together with renowned manufacturers of heating products worldwide to offer a total solution in electrical heating cables and related products.
We have 25 years of experience in electrical heating and have built up a broad knowledge of many applications with which we can successfully make your project successful. Challenge us to find a suitable solution for your project.

Tracing & Frost protection
A specialism of WebHeat is electrical tracing and frost protection by means of pipe heating and suitable for many applications in residential construction, utilities, renovation and industry.
Solutions for keeping water pipes and drainage pipes free of frost, maintaining temperature of (grease) pipes, etc.
WebHeat offers a wide range of simple frost protection cables with plugs to SR self-regulating heating cables for more extensive applications. WebHeat SR are self-regulating heating cables We also offer a complete range of connection materials and smart thermostats.
Underfloor heating & Infrared  
Electrical heating is a good alternative for other heating sources if you do not want to use a boiler anymore. WebHeat heating panels use the principle of radiant heat (so-called infrared heating). The unique heating surface and the uniform distribution of temperatures across the surface of the panel ensure an optimal distribution of heat energy in the form of heat radiation.
Webheat also offers a complete range of electric underfloor heating and mirror heating which are often used in bathrooms.
Cooling technology
WebHeat Drain and Heating cables are specially designed to be installed in refrigeration. Extremely flexible, with a high capacity for quick defrosting of drains and flexible use in doors or frames. WebHeat has the right heating cable for many applications.